We value people in motion
We value people in motion

Fulfilling the potential of future public transport

Linefare is a Norwegian ticket- and administration system company that take great aim in creating everything you need to have a successful public transportation service.

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Tickets & Ticketless

Our versatile ticketing solution supports traditional, digital, and ticketless options for streamlined access, including onboard ticket validation.


Linefare is more than just white labeling. Crafted and maintained by Linefare, our ticketing solution is designed for flexibility, adapting seamlessly to meet your specific requirements. Our platform ensures efficient management and a tailored experience under your brand.

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Payment handling

Our payment platform excels in handling both small and large transactions, offering fully customizable solutions tailored to your needs. With flexible settlements and sophisticated financial handling, it adapts to any business model, ensuring seamless and efficient payment processes.

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Combining ticketing with ticketless

To accommodate all travellers, sometimes different ticketing technologies need to work in parallell. We support and maintain RFID, ticketless, travel app, and more.

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Made to order

We own and control the entire platform from database, transactions and data processing to user interface and settlements. Thus, we can customise the solution to your specific needs.

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Nis Kehler

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