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Fulfilling the potential of future public transport

Linefare is a Norwegian ticket- and administration system company that take great aim in creating everything you need to have a successful public transportation service.

Our solutions

We challenge established truths and conditions in order for us to deliver the solutions of tomorrow.


The most complete ticketing system

We offer the most complete and flexible ticketing system out there.


Our solution onboard any vehicle

We have solutions that allows your operators to handle ticket sales and check validity onboard

  • The operation can sell and check validity of tickets on behalf of the public transport company 

  • Approved cast register system with electronic journal 

  • Supports offline purchases (must sync before the end of the shift)

  • Can inspect validity of tickets on bank- and travel cards 

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Our solution to check all travel documents validity

We have solutions that allows you to check validity of all travel documents.

  • Can check a number of different travel documents and ticket types

  • Provides a good overview of important and relevant data 

  • Based on interoperable standards

  • Can check validity trough debet- and credit cards 

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Our solution for corporates and employees

We have great flexible solutions for corporate travel - both for your business and your employees

  • A simple solution for employees to be able to use public transportation - to and from work

  • Set rules on what every employee are allowed to spend and use on public transportation 

  • Simple overview of purchase history 

  • Simple editing on who should have access to what 

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The most complete administration system

Our system provides a good overview of all the information you need related to your public transport ticketing.

  • Refund of ticket purchases and top up transactions

  • Settlement reports

  • Credit and chargeback for mobile accounts

  • History of fines issued

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We are proud to have a wide range of clients who trust us to deliver state of the art transportations solutions.

From municipalities, to large private corporations, we’ve helped all kinds of businesses streamline their operations and provide the best ticketing and administration solutions to give their customers the best possible experience. 

We’re always striving to exceed our clients expectations, and we’re constantly working to improve and expand our offerings. That’s why we’re trusted bu transportation authorities around the Nordics to provide cutting-edge technology and unmatched expertise. 

So wether you’re a small town transit agency or a global transportation giant, we have the tools and know-how to help you succeed. Join our roster of satisfied clients and experience it for yourself.  

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About us

About us

We are are a young, innovative and brave company established in 2007. As a trusted partner for leading public transportation company our vision is to be the ones who fulfil the potential of future public transport. 

Why LineFare?

We always challenge established truths and conditions in order to develop the solutions of tomorrow. We always try to rethink what people who travel values the most, and make sure our solutions is aligned with these needs.

How do we do it?

Our products are easy to understand, use and implement. We embrace technology, and always have user friendliness as the center of our product development. That why our solutions are accessible to everyone, even those who have various disabilities. 

What do we deliver?

We take great pride in developing, deliver and exploit the potential of public transport with our complete ticketing and administration systems. 

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If you would like to know more about our solutions, feel free to contact us to discuss potential partnerships. 

Nis Kehler

Nis Kehler

Nis Kehler

Sales director

Sales director

Sales director

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