Our contribution to create a more sustainable world 

Linefare is a proud subsidiary of WTW. All WTW companies work towards satisfying requirements and implementing environmental measures on a systematic and 
ongoing basis to create more environmentally friendly operations and 
safer work environments.

WTW is certified as an ECO-Lighthouse enterprise, which means we have an active focus on our 
contribution to creating a sustainable future. The core of our business to offer digital payments 
and ticketing solutions to public transport companies and our solutions help our customers, 
and society in general, to reduce the climate footprint by promoting and simplifying the 
use of public transport. 

We will work continuously to improve our performance and will work actively to reduce 
our company`s negative impact on climate and the environment. This means that we 
must comply with authority-imposed and our own requirements and follow environmental 
management in accordance with the “Environmental Lighthouse Scheme”. In addition, 
we will continuously promote customer solutions that aim to put a spotlight on 
sustainability by being a preferred supplier that helps to promote 
the use of public transport.


We undertake to comply with current environmental legislation and other relevant requirements, 
as well as to continuously improve our level of environmental performance. We shall achieve 
by setting clear targets, follow up with concrete measures and by engaging and holding 
our employees accountable at all levels. 

Significant impacts

Our business mainly affects the environment when we, our partners and their customers 
use public transportation. In addition, a stable and good working environment is a high priority. 
Our sustainability policy and environmental work there focus on:

  • Transportation

    Frequency and way of travel contribute to reduce our CO2-emissions.

  • Work environment

    A good and stable working environment with high level of expertise in sustainable 
    ticketing solutions has a high societal benefit

Goals and measures

Our companies have established clear goals, measures and 
responsibility in the following areas:  

  • Transportation

    We prioritize transport with low emissions and the use of 
    transporters that are environmentally certified. By planning 
    transport out to our customers and partners, 
    we contribute to reduce emissions. 

  • Goal

    We reduce our greenhouse gas emissions relation to 
    business travel by a minimum of 20% by the end of 2025. 


  • Measures

    Establish instructions for business trips.

Work environment

Our companies must have a safe and pleasant working environment 
in the company both to avoid unwanted resignations and to increase 
the attractiveness of new employees. 

  • Goal 

    Increase employee satisfaction by a minimum of 10% by the end of 2025.


  • Measures

    Half-yearly employee satisfaction survey to track improvement 
    and structured implementation of measures based on the survey 
    to track improvement and structured implemtation of 
    measures based on the survey.

Statement related to Transparancy Act

WTW and all our companies are due to the the Transparancy Act of July 2022, obliged to publish a statetement related to this act. It is the Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority that is responsible for monitoring that companies comply with the requirements of this Act, including disclosure. Read the report (Norwegian).

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