Linefare Solutions


Linefare offers a mobile fare collection service, available for all modes of transport - buses, boats, trains, trams, and metros. In addition, our solution is flexible, which means we are able to customize a solution that works best for your company and passengers. 

Not only is our solution a better alternative, but it turns out to be the preferred one as well.  With over 70% of all passengers choosing to use the app over manual ticketing, it's a great benefit for both the company and your end user. It takes less time for both the passenger and controller,  there's no waiting in line to purchase or refill transit cards, and most of all - it's more revenue with less maintenance for your company. 



Why should you use Linefare?

Linefare in use today



bus and boat

AtB mobile app lets you buy your ticket prior to boarding, travel between zones, and choose between bus or boat.




With Norrtåg's mobile ticketing app, there is no longer a need to carry around paper tickets. Traveling with us just became simpler, smoother, and smarter!



Skyss Billett is the easiest way to purchase public transportation tickets in the Bergen area. The application allows you to purchase both single tickets and season tickets.

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