Why Linefare?


Linefare is the leader in mTicketing for public transportation. A software solution that is easier and more efficient than today´s alternative, results in a turnover of 70% of all end users. Our solution makes it simpler for transit companies and for riders to commute.

Linefare gives your end users more flexibility and your employees the administration tool that they need. Our solution results in a smoother experience and flow for everyone involved. 


It's better for your cUstOmers



We have experienced most public transport needs, so we are able to offer you a customised solution! With support for various ticket types, payment methods, the use of special discounts and travel between zones or cities, the system can be tailored to the wishes of your company.

Easy payment

Linefare supports many different forms of payment. Major credit/debit cards, SMS payments and travel account solutions are available. Are we missing a payment option? Talk to us.



We have several mechanisms to protect against freeloaders and ticket counterfeiting. Our system is safe for your customers to make secure purchases.

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Family friendly

Linefare allows you to link multiple users to the same travel account, making it easier for families to manage their travel expenses.


No lost tickets

All purchases are saved in the app, connected to one account. It is also possible for customers to send receipts to their e-mail from the app.

Quick and easy setup

Having no hardware and big systems to deliver, a digital solution will be available to your riders within a matter of weeks. Both scaling and updates will be done with minimal risk and time.

It's better for your company


EASY TO Control

Provide your users with an app that is built with a strong and secure architecture. The interface of the app is intuitive and simple for controllers to validate. 



Our real time solution not only comes with an app, but also with a valuable backend system. Thus, operators are able to view, control, and validate tickets.


Flexible solution

Linefare is experienced in delivering apps with an engaging user interface with the flexibility to fit your needs.

We support all modes of transportation, such as boats, trains, metro, buses, etc. 



We care about public transit and simplifying peoples lives. Thus, we want to offer our solution at a fair price that also happens to be a profitable investment. With no costs up front and a pilot period of 12 months, there are no risks or hidden costs with Linefare.


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